3 Best Gifts between $20-$60 for people who love to stay at home -Ultimate Gift guide for homebodies

1. Atomic Habits: the life-changing million-copy #1 bestseller $22.00 AUD I have changed my habits dramatically after reading this book. This international bestseller has more than 1 million copies sold. It’s a revolutionary guide to use tiny changes in behavior to transform your life. Get it here: https://amzn.to/3IVEZAZ 2. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – SmartContinue reading “3 Best Gifts between $20-$60 for people who love to stay at home -Ultimate Gift guide for homebodies”

Odysee Platform

After recording more than 350 episodes and seeing my episodes disappearing from podbean and spotify, I decide to park my episodes on odysee too. I don’t advertise it anywhere but it’s a good feeling to know that these work won’t be disappearing. Odysee is a very good platform even though it’s not as popular asContinue reading “Odysee Platform”

Winning International Speech Contest (Club Level)

我每次上台前5分鐘一定會找Stephanie聽. 因為每次他聽完我一定得獎的Stephanie Pan u r my 幸運符啦. 我超迷信的我每次都穿同一件too. 下一關3月11號再接再厲進軍Area contest . 這個是international speech competition 一路比上去可以去遙遠又全是covid的美國決賽啦.

Tiffany and Macayla’s 1 min videos

I was teaching my students Tiffany and Macayla how to do 1 minute video that attracts audience. I do think story telling, camera presentation and video editing skills are very important for kids these days. Do you like their work? Brilliant home works they sent me.


我們昨天Bookclub 討論茶金歲月然後Jane 那個很外國的人澳洲家裏居然有 永!光!茶! 只見我們所有的人全往鏡頭前移想看淸楚那個書裏的茶啦 回台灣一定要去新竹北埔看看啊(謝謝Eva always 把我們的photo 排這樣水)

Sydney Flood

你知道我今天至少有七個在台灣的朋友寄給我看大S 結婚的消息 我的感想是 1. 雪梨淹水淹到超多人無家可歸吃的東西進不來學校都關起來了 2. 烏克蘭戰爭慘的人這麼多 3. Shane Warne 好好的忽然就死了每天新聞都在報 4. 昨天雪梨大橋出了大車禍整個車子就像爆炸一樣讓所有的人都蒙上了陰影 who on earth freaking care 大S結婚或是他還保留著20年前電話可以和舊情人聯絡的消息? ARE YOU FOR REAL? 我只能說台灣的人實在是太幸運了…. 恭喜他+隨便他+不鳥他 (PS 天啊又開始狂下雨了真是下的讓人心慌慌)