Odysee Platform

After recording more than 350 episodes and seeing my episodes disappearing from podbean and spotify, I decide to park my episodes on odysee too. I don’t advertise it anywhere but it’s a good feeling to know that these work won’t be disappearing. Odysee is a very good platform even though it’s not as popular asContinue reading “Odysee Platform”

Tiffany and Macayla’s 1 min videos

I was teaching my students Tiffany and Macayla how to do 1 minute video that attracts audience. I do think story telling, camera presentation and video editing skills are very important for kids these days. Do you like their work? Brilliant home works they sent me.

El Pano Maruno-prepare for Spanish song performance

I was preparing for a performance on zoom. The audience has never heard me sing nor playing castanets. There are only 4 sentences for the song but it’s in Spanish. Anyway after many times of practice, I finally remember it. This was my practice video just before the performance.