The price of Legos piano is going down! OMG

Legos Piano on Amazon:

I got this during the school holidays. When I bought it, it was more than $525. I can’t believe the the price has dropped so much to $448 now LEGO 21323 Ideas Grand Piano Model Building Set for Adults, Collectible Display Gift with Motor and Power Functions

As a pianist myself, I truly think the piano teacher who designed this lego piano is amazing.

  1. Sophisticated, brick version of a concert piano. The hammer action, the moving pedal and details of propped open top lid and fallboard were all created and designed magically.
  2. I love the free Lego Powered up app and press the keys yourself or activate auto play to listen to songs.
  3. Being able to use the power functions to have the piano play is great fun. You feel a great sense of achievement when it is all finished.

I do need to warn you that make sure you need to follow the instruction and complete each step solidly. If not, the rounded side parts and the legs are not very firmly connected and will fall off. Doing this lego project truly trains my attention to details.

My Review: 10/10

  1. The price is high for this lego set. Now the price is going down to $448 I think it’s truly a great buy if you are a lego and music lover.
  2. Building this set trains me to do things carefully in details. It was a great activity to do during the holidays and what a good feeling when it’s finished.
  3. The piano looks like an amazing artwork displayed in my house!

Legos piano on Amazon: