Love my Slip pure silk envelop pillow case!

Slip Pure Silk Envelope Pillow Case, Pink, Queen on Amazon:

I first heard this from a friend. She recommended this to me and said this anti aging anti sleep crease Slip Pure Silk Envelope Pillowcase is a MUST HAVE for all women.

I checked it out on Amazon first and was impressed with it’s 121 review of 4.5 star ratings.

Apparently it’s the Winner of “Best Accessory” in the best tools category of Harper’s Bazaar Anti-Aging Awards 2021. Even though it’s not cheap for a pillow case but I got sold immediately with the statement of “It’s like an 8 hour Beauty Treatment every night”!!


At first I wasn’t sure how this Slip Pure Silk Envelope Pillowcase can have the effect on anti aging???

So turns out that it have been shown to absorb significantly less face cream than regular cotton pillowcases, so it can help keep your skin’s moisture and valuable face and hair products where they belong, on your face and hair. As I am in my 40s and my skin ages, it loses elasticity and sleep creases. I believe that sleep on high quality silk every night is a great expert beauty tip and a long-time beauty secret.

My friend who has very curly hair told me that sleeping on gentle, hair-friendly silk can help preserve your blow out.

My Review: 10/10 and highly recommend to you all.

I have been using it for a year now.

  1. It’s very silky. It’s so soft and beautiful to feel this on your skin and hair.
  2. I like this Luxurious package. It’s so good to give it to friends as gift.
  3. Very easy to wash and dry with minimal wrinkles.
  4. The silk pillow tames my hair from wild bedhead.
  5. I can no longer sleep without this silk pillowcase. yes when I travel, i take it with me for sure.
  6. This is essential in my life now.

Slip Pure Silk Envelope Pillowcase here on Amazon: