Love this Renpho Eye massager ( my new buy)

Now this is essential everyday for me before going to bed. I just thought to share with everyone!

This is called Renpho Eye Massager with Heat, Wireless Music for Relax Eye Strain and Improve Sleep.

Renpho Eye Massager with Heat, Wireless Music Rechargeable Eye Massager for Relax Eye Strain Dark Circles Eye Bags Dry Eye Improve Sleep, Gift for Men Women 

Get your Renpho Eye Massager here on Amazon here: 

I finished saw this from Amazon when I was browsing for presents to give it to a friend’s birthday. I know she likes gadgets so I narrow down the search to all kinds of massagers under $100. It drew my attention on this eye massager with 8574 rating of reviews and a 4.5 star average rating, people seem to agree that these are the best and most affordable eye massager!

I bought one for my friend she loves it. So I decide to get one for myself too. I will tell you why it’s so good that I want to recommend it.

If you are the following kind of person:

1. Spending hours working on the laptop or phone cause strain for your eyes and mind.

2. Taking long time to quiet your mind and fall into sleep when lying in bed. 

3. Often have eye soreness, headache and look for something to help improving sleep quality.

4. Need relaxation and relieve eye fatigue.

That sounds exactly like me. I think the best features of this eye massager for me is

  1. The packaging is high quality.  It looks really good when you give it to a friend as present.

2. When you use it. the sound is reassuring and the background music is relaxing. Even at the warmest setting, I feel it’s very comfortable and relaxing.

3. I especially like the gripping and massaging in my temples. The control can be found easily cause I often use it in the dark when I turn off the light before bed. The voice prompts confirm your selections on different modes. 

It took me a while before I even realised there were different modes! I never look at the instruction. Anyway here are the modes:

  • Soft and skin friendly
  • Heat compression
  • Air pressure
  • Vibration massage
  • Music Therapy 
  • Safe and toxic free
  • Very easy to chare and clean

The only thing I didn’t like very much is that I use this eye massager while listening to podcast in bed. So there are times I don’t like the music (even though it’s relaxing) . Then I realise if I turn to sleep mode, there will be no music (PS: The sleep mode is the one with vibration only, air pressure and heat).

You can also put the music in very low volume or use the bluetooth function to put your own music/sound.

I don’t use the air pump function cause I don’t like the sound. Some people like it. Anyway you can choose the mode you like! Easy to use. I myself never use the air pump.

Review 9/10

I use it straight after I turning off the light in the room in bed. It puts me into relaxation state after 15 mins with this eye massager. You will fall asleep very quickly after that. I use it everyday and absolutely love it!

Get your Renpho Eye Massager here on Amazon here: