Let’s try doing nothing for 3 days

The Covid cases in Sydney has surged to 90000 today. I don’t go out much at all. I do think it’s necessary to go for a walk under the sun regularly. However apart from that I don’t really go out anymore.

Even though people kept saying we need to live with the virus, If I can keep away from its peak, I will do my best not to get Covid.

Staying at home doesn’t mean doing nothing. From morning to late I feel my time has occupied fully all the time. Even for lunch and dinner I don’t have much time to prepare it properly and I have always eaten very fast.

Since the starting of holidays I have done so many things. Doing many exercises, numerous courses, design new program for work, re write curriculum, learn Spanish on zoom with teachers from lain America everyday. I also have done work with graphic designer with Course design. Done my shares trading, talked to tradies for renovations and read a few books too. Oh and podcasting twice a week, YouTube once a week.

Somehow I’m a little exhausted from all these over productivities.

Sometimes I feel I have achieved and accomplished huge amount of work but at times I feel I have done nothing much for holidays. Always live for a project and live for the future. I always tell people to live in the moment and now see what happened Susie!

From tomorrow I will only do Spanish lesson in the morning and no more plan.

No plan for their future. I

am just going to chill for 3 days.

Even watch some TV which I have never done.

Let’s see what happened.