10 Best Advices that I followed

Apparently it’s from Warren Buffett. Here is the version I saw from the post. Translate to english it will be

  1. Buy Properties as early as you can. But buy cheap car. As long as you can drive it, it does the job.
  2. Buy good quality and expensive things if you are using it for the long term.
  3. Do not work with families nor relatives
  4. Do exercises. Strengthen your body
  5. Be your own boss if you have the chance
  6. Master public speaking
  7. Be comfortable being alone
  8. If you are going to be an employee. Don’t be the one that get paid by your time
  9. Develop habits of reading
  10. In this life time, you can continue to own things but also get rid of useless things at the same time.

I do follow all those points in life.

I like this link that my friend sent me after seeing my post