I subscribe Glam Corner this month

I have glam corner clothing subscription this month.

Cost: $149 a month


  1. Dec is a busy month. I need to dress up for many occasions. Instead of buying new clothings to wear in all events I will just do one month subscription. So I can wear different outfit in different event.
  2. Love recycling culture. We have way too many clothings that end up in the landfill.
  3. Try new styles. I also have a fashion session with a stylist. Love to see what he/she comes up with.

Here is the box. After wearing these 3, I could send them back and get the next box. I picked these 3 from the website.

Quite exciting to receive the box.


The dark blue dress is the style i don’t normally wear. End up quite liking it.

I don’t like the red one at all. But this is the style I never wear. it’s fun to try. I will wear this for christmas party with the girls this friday anyway.

My review after a week

女生應該對這個有興趣Glam corner clothing subscription review 

Cost: $149 a month  (unlimited)

一個box 可以選三件. 穿完還回去以後才可以再選下一個box. 寄回去他有給你一個express bag 只要丟進去就好不用洗.基本上這就是租錄影帶的概念


1. 阿紀很環保我很喜歡這種clothing recycle 概念

2. 你可以試不同style 衣服. I also book a styling session with a stylist 

3. 如果那個月有特別的functions or birthday month party 可以去都穿不一樣是不錯

4. 這件紅色的衣服在店裡大概快要$1000我平常不可能買這麼貴的衣服

5. 放假好玩啦反正我又不用養小孩穿漂亮很開心


1. 越瘦的越好選擇越多. 有的尺寸真的沒有什麼可以借

2. $149 一個月如果一直subscribe 下去也是不便宜

3. 每一個box delivery 要算好因為來來回回寄來寄去都是時間. 譬如說如果你禮拜三晚上要去吃飯需要衣服你就要算好什麼時候box arrives 要不然可能也來不及

4. 像這個12月很忙我現在正要選下一個box 這時候designer clothing就全部都被借走了剩下那些平常的那我乾脆去買就好啦