Should Kids start their own youtube channel?

Yes definitely. I hugely encourage kids to start build up their creative work and share it with others.

Along the way they will learn a lot of skills such as planning, persistence, video editing, branding and even social media management.

If they start at age 12 like Amy, by the time you reach adulthood you will accumulate huge amount of experience and creative content.

Today I have two kids starting their youtube channel. I like what Derek Sivers said in his book “How to Live”, The first thing to good life is “Be independent”. Own your creative work and share it to the world.

12 year old Amy’s youtube channel-I’m Amy starts from today

14 year old Emma’s youtube channel starts from today too

Giulia has started her youtube quite a while ago. It’s hard to build up but she has been quite consistent with good quality covers. I am very proud to see her new video of the audition she did for screenplay.