This Blog is very random but a content home

The way I do this blog is very random. I don’t promote any of my blog posts. This blog is purely for myself. I never check if anyone reads it because it makes no difference to me.

The reason I need to have a blog is because I need to park all the interesting contents I have in daily life in one place that belongs to me. Facebook, youtube and podcasts on Spotify? none of those belongs to me.

If one day the platform decides to shut down everything is gone. I write posts on facebook and instagram regularly. Twice on podcast episodes and once a week there is a youtube episode out. I am very aware of all these creative contents that needed to eventually park in one place, hence the start of this blog.

The layout is simple cause I have no time to make it fancy. No need for SEO or google ad sense because it will be best that no one reads. But it’s a home of contents that comes back to me.

Do you also have creative contents everywhere? Start a blog and make them to be in one home.

No one can decide where it goes except you.