Be diligent, and thats enough

This week I competed in the Area Impromptu Speech Contest.

Since winning the Club Contest, I printed all the possible questions and practice 5 questions a day, 7 days a week for months. Because I know the Aussies who compete with me won’t do this. If I can’t beat native speaker on the language I can train to have better structure by diligent practice when an impromptu topic throwing at me.

This is a busy week cause I also have a team of students sitting for ANZCA singing exams. We have been preparing so long ago that today in lessons some of us are playing drums and one is organizing outing with me for the holidays. No one is nervous.

We do what we can do. I knew the kids are impossible to fail, even if they try.

As for me, I know I have done my best. There is nothing more I can do so whatever the outcome, I am always better than I was. And that is enough.

I end up winning the second place. If I win the first place that means I need to practice all the way till Feb 2022 for the Division Contest. Now I don’t need to do that!!! What a relief. Second place is exactly what I wish for. They took a glamours photo of me winning the second place. I really appreciate it.

I was trying on different dresses to see which one looks the best on zoom. HAHAHAHHA now that’s the fun part!