Awesome story today -thank you Jessie

Today my friend Ivy and I went to the new Japanese BBQ place for lunch. As soon as the waiter took us upstairs near the window, I saw the girl next table was doing live broadcasting.

She was introducing everyone about the new $33 set menu.

She suddenly seem to recognize my face and got very excited. I got recognized quite frequent in Chatswood so Although I didn’t know who she is, I knew she must be one of my listeners. When she told me who she is, I realize it’s was her this morning sending me message about this new BBQ place, suggesting me to come and try! What a coincidence our tables are next to each other!

We were sitting very close to each other so Ivy and I were happily chatting to her all the way while we eat. When we finished we were walking along the street I told them that my knees are bad these days. There must be something wrong with my shoes. My knees are playing up today I can’t walk very fast.

They start to tell me the shoes I am wearing are so bad.

As we keep going on the topics of shoes and knees, She suddenly told me that there is this specific type of Nike shoes that is very good. She is tried to find online for me and see if it’s still on sale. unfortunately it’s not so I get information about that specific shoes and thought when Black Friday comes, I will definitely get those.

She told me that she bought 7 pairs of those while they were on sale and they are still in her garage. Then Covid comes so she hasn’t yet brought back to Taiwan. She then asked what my size is. I told her my feet are tiny at size 5 thinking it’s quite unusual, no one normally buys in that size anyway.

She said the one she originally got for her aunt is size 5! She took us to her place, I tried it on and it fitted perfectly. I bought it from her straight away in the original discount price.

Oh I was so happy!

It was such a wonderful lunch. Not only ivy and I make a new friend. I got a pair of new shoes in great price. For the rest of the afternoon and till I got home at 8 pm, I walk knowing that my knees are much more supported.

Awesome story of the day.

Thank you Jessie.