6 Tips to show strong, confident presence wherever you go, whatever you do

With my work I have to show my face and be at places to talk all the time.

I always said to my students that people can always sense your confidence level way before you open your mouth on stage.

There are also a few tips I think it will increase your confidence level if you practice regularly.

1. Bigger movement when you walk into a meeting, a scene, a performance.

The way you walk and look when you go into an event demonstrates confidence in peoples subconscious mind. Bigger movement and strong posture are the key to this. With only 156 cm height I try to walk in anywhere thinking I am 175 cm tall. It makes no difference to others but it makes a huge difference in my own subconscious mind.

2. Hold your eye gaze a little longer . Look at the surroundings.

Even before you speak you already have the look of command.

3. Walk as if you know where you are going. Walk relax and with open body Language you will look like you are more welcome for conversation and interaction. Smile yes, smile.

4. Solid preparation

No matter you are doing a speech or performance, you do have to have the knowledge and prepare well. Always prepare 150% to have 80% performance is the key. You can’t fake your way to confidence if you don’t have anything inside you. People are not stupid they can tell.

5. Control pace with your talk and your movement

The ability to control pace shows great confidence. When we are Nervous we always tend to speak too fast. It’s ok when with friends but professionally, deliberate pause is very powerful if use it correctly.

6. Knowing how to demonstrate the Voice of command (but not bossy of course )

Apart from these 6 tips of my experience as a performer, speaker and teacher , I also like the tips from GQ Taiwan interviewing with the FBI agent Joe Navarro. He is absolutely brilliant with the following points . 1. Vocal intonation -vary your intonation but keep it down towards the end of the sentence.

2. Spread your fingers, interlace your fingers to get your point with the hand gestures .

3. Confidence is not just chest up ! stand properly ! like what many people think. Sometimes just you sit comfortably at the chair, aware or the surrounding at ease, that is confidence.

No one is born confident. All these need to be aware and learned.

I am certainly learning everyday.