Notice what and whom energize you?

Wednesday is my day off. So I always plan wed in advance. Now Sydney is open up so Wed is my happy day.

Yesterday my friend Chloe, Debbie and I went to the botanical garden together. Now the garden is blooming with beautiful flowers it’s just the best time to visit Royal botanical garden. I noticed everytime when I hang around with them we were always laughing and very happy. Some friends just have very good vibe that click with yours.

We also met up with our usual Wednesday lunch gang together for lunch. We were super happy .

People come and go in our life. For a season, a reason or a lifetime. I always take notice on how I feel after hanging with different people. If I wasn’t feeling good afterwards I will be very hesitate to go again next time. You will be surprised how some people are just so good to be around and some you feel they are dragging your energy down.

Of course, I am always aim to be the person that people will enjoy to be with too…at least I try.

I was very exhausted coming home. I forgot toastmaster meeting was also on last night. I honestly had to drag myself to the meeting. But as soon as I turn on zoom and be in it, my energy seems to be back straight away.

It’s surprising for me to notice even with such intense public speaking meeting, I feel so good and so energized afterwards. Just like teaching, no matter how tired I was, as soon as the students come in, my energy is back straight away.

I think this is how we should live our life. Notice what energize you, that’s what you are meant to do. Do more of that and your life will always be in a flow that way.