Living retirement life early

Every year when I go back to Taiwan, I will have some uncles and aunties that decide to start their retirement journey.

I often asked them what are they going to do? (They were mostly business owners with big company so it’s a real change)

Lots of them said they will travel. They will do charity work and they will exercise regularly. However I noticed many of them go by to do some form of consulting work to kill time . They didn’t travel as much as they think. Some of them actually get sick after retirement.

What about you? Perhaps we are very far away from retirement age but as long as you are financially smart and well planned, you can bring your ideal retirement life forward. Enjoy it when you are still young.

I now live my life as if I am already retired.

1. Teaching in person

I will never retire from teaching no matter how old I am. That’s something I enjoy doing and am very good at. The only difference is that when I was younger I built the business a lot bigger. So I could use the income to invest. Now the strategy is different. I need good quality but not quantities. All the students I have now are brilliant. And I make them even better. Such an important element for good quality of life.

2. Online course platform as passive income

When I was younger I had no such platform as work. When I retire, building up online platform is what I want to do. There is no need to wait for retirement. I start it right now.

3. Properties and dividend investment as passive income

This is something I can also do it right now. Just when I am a lot older the percentage can be adjusted.

4. Travel

Since COVID my desire for traveling is a lot less. But I do want to aim for spending more time in Taiwan. Traveling between Taiwan and Sydney more frequently is my aim. Eventually I would like to go back every single school holidays, living 3 months in Taiwan and 9 months in Sydney.

5. YouTube and podcast

YouTube and podcast are such big hobbies and side hustles of mine. I used to think when I retire I will be doing that all the time. This is something you don’t need to wait for retirement. Just one YouTube a week, two podcasts a week. I am living the ideal life.

6. Catching up with friends 2-3 times a week

You see a lot of people who are retired do all these “finding fun in your own city’ with friends all the time. Why do I need to wait till retirement? I can already do it.

7. Learn Spanish

I always say that I want to be able to speak Spanish when I retire. If I don’t learn it now, I won’t be able to do that for sure. My brain probably won’t cope anymore.

I start to realize good retirement life needs

1. Good health

2. Lots of family and friends to hang with

3. Financial freedom

4. Hobbies

5. Curiosity and desire to keep learning

We can all do it now. Perhaps not all of them yet, but step by step.