One dollar for one view?

This morning my adult student Vicky told me this.

Her daughter is 11 and is very good at piano. But just like every tween and teen they just couldn’t be bother to do more work than they need to.

The daughter has 30 minutes piano recital program but apart from filming it for exam she doesn’t have anywhere else to perform. I’m fact, she just couldn’t be bother.

The bad thing bout exam filming is that people tend to video it again and again for the PERFECT recording. In fact there shouldn’t be any perfect recording anyway. Everything is a part of process.

Vicky then thought of something very original to encounter her daughter to play LIVE. (I also didn’t know that if you don’t have subscribers for more than 1000 you also can’t turn on the LIVE function on Facebook. ) So she decides to hold her daughters’ LIVE piano recital on YouTube LIVE.

(By the way You actually have to book a time and apply for YouTube LIVE. )

Of course the daughter still wasn’t keen on the idea. So Vicky said, “depends on how many people watching your LIVE recital, I will pay one dollar for one view! “

Wow what an incentive for a 11 year old ! The period of counting views is one week so today is the last day.

I think the little girl got $200 for it.

I actually think it’s a very good way for kids to earn pocket money. it’s not easy to prepare such a big repertoire list for 11 year old. YouTube LIVE makes everything possible during lockdown.

These days it’s not easy to be parents. Internet makes everything possible.