Overseas Journalism Award

Two years in a roll I am very honored to be the Finalist of Overseas Journalism Award. I woke up quite early in the morning getting ready for the ceremony.

We had rehearsal yesterday. I don’t know why I just can’t put this up as the background as requested. So I have to email back and fro many times to Taiwan to sort this out.

The Award ceremony starts at 10 am in Taiwan. I had listened all the finalists in my category and some of them are just extraordinary. I never expect myself to win but I figure out at least I can look good for the screen. It’s all for the fun !

Hahaha so I just did some instagram stories while I was putting on my make up. Both for my Aussie and Taiwanese instagram accounts.

This year the ceremony is a lot more formal.

Here are the Finalists of all the categories. All these brilliant programs around the world. I am very humble to be here.

So many of my friends and families watch the Award and they all take the screenshot for me when I am on. I am sure they are all very excited and nervous for me.

Thank you so much guys!

This is the episode

5 of my most frequent used Taiwanese and Australian English in my life