The making of a good voice

When teaching beginner singers, especially to teenage girls, I will often come across with their very limited vocal range . They might be ok with the chest voice but as soon as reaching G or A, they will either start to pull chest voice or flip totally to the airy sound.

Some of them won’t even be able to produce any sound after that at all.

Although every student is different but I have a basic steps to address this problem. And if the students are willing to practice it’s always amazing to see their A-Ha moment. Once they are able to hold on to A and B with equal distribution of air and voice, I will use this song to train their resonance.

‘All I want by Kodaline’

Recently I had Tiffany who gone through this A-Ha moment with me and it was very exciting.

She started around term 2 this year. She is a very hard working student but we just never be able to produce the sound of the head voice. Not even producing the sound of the cheers!

During lockdown she sent me this text one day. It might be a very easy sound for a lot of people to produce easily but it’s a huge step for her.

I saw her for face to face lesson today after 4 months on zoom. I am going to document her progress here from now on.

I gave her all I want by kodaline today so she could work on the ringing sound of “A’’. Let’s see what she comes out with next week.

If the kid is willing to practice the way I show them with diligence, anything is possible.

Tiffany is going to be very good.