Notice the pop out idea in life

I am really loving the morning walk. The walk that you notice nothing but the surrounding sound, the scenery and the people in front of you. I also play the game of noticing “ I wonder what my next thought will be’.

The interesting thing is that the chatter in your mind is quieter but good idea comes up every now and then .

I have one property that has been a headache for me since the pandemic. The location is amazing right next to bus and train to city, but because of Covid it’s hard to find tenants. It has been empty for a long time . The agent is not from the local area so even dealing with the agent is a pain.

Anyway now it’s rented but I gave a huge discount to the tenant. Yesterday I suddenly thought to myself why didn’t I just take it back and renovate it.

It will need the carpet replaced and the lighting at least! I also want to try to be an Airbnb host just for the fun of it.

Or I can make that my little holiday place. No matter what its about time for a renovation that’s for sure.

Next year I am sure the travel industry will be back to normal. Eventually I will love to go on those house exchanged website to swap apartment with someone in other part of the world so I can live in another country for a month.

Notice the idea coming up when you are still and calm, it’s interesting to see where it will take you.