Amazing day

Yesterday it was the first time I see students in person after almost 4 months in lockdown.

It was extremely exciting. Somehow weird cause we do stand quite far away from each other. After the last student finished, her mum stayed back and chatted with me excitedly for another hour.

We both are very into property investments. Topics range from residential, shares, commercial properties. I must said it’s so good to see people after so long. We used to have lessons like this all the time but we never appreciate how different it is to be LIVE.

Yesterday I also started my power of now experiment. And to my amusement things seem to be done even more efficiently.

So Today I got up even earlier and decide to do the spit to Clontarf walk.

By the time I got back to enjoy my luxury breakfast it was only 9 am.

We are so lucky in this part of Sydney and have this kind of nature for us to enjoy.

If you are in Sydney, get out for a walk in the morning. Such a good start for a day.