“The Power of Now”experiment

‘The power of now” is a book that didn’t make any sense to me 10 years ago.

The book for our bookclub next month is The power of now by Eckhardt Tolle. When I first realize that’s the book I had 2 thoughts

1. Oh great I have it on my shelf . No need to buy it.

2. Oh dear I don’t like that book. Everything is in that title isn’t it. I know the power of now ok.

After reading it after so many years for a few chapters I am very fascinated by it. Perhaps I am older and wiser now I think his teaching is simple yet absolutely brilliant and powerful.

Sydney is opening up soon so I have a lot of things on my plate. Yesterday I was at the peak of my frustration. More like overwhelming, with the things I need to complete by the end of 2021.

The schedule is full of plans and every day my goal is to work towards those goals. I suddenly realize I am not living in the moment at all. My present moment is just working for the future. Even I tick off everything on the list there is no fulfillment and calmness. It’s just DOING. And not BEING.

So I drop everything and just go for a long walk.

I always go for a walk everyday but on the way there I usually have a headphone on practicing table topic speech contest. Yesterday I just dropped everything and just really SEE what’s around me . We are in such beautiful part of Sydney . I didn’t even take notice before.

Tolle also teaches us to notice and observe our own thoughts. I noticed my thoughts are one after another. Some even ridiculously random.

This morning I got up very early and went for another 1 hour walk. I always know the power of long walk but I never realize the conscious walking makes a huge difference.

My conscious breakfast without listening to music or replying text.

I am looking forward to finish the book.

We still need to work towards goals. But now I am not just fully occupied by thoughts that didn’t serve the joy of present moment.

Not easy but the realization is definitely the first step.