Miss Saigon reunion after 30 years (Brilliant voice just never age)

In 1990, The musical Miss Saigon was first time performed in Broadway. Lea Salonga as Kim was 18.

I remembered those times. 1990 I was in high school. And as a musical lover and singer, I must have watched the broadway version so many times over the years.

(PS: I also went to the 1992 Sydney audition of Miss Saigon (but failed on the dance audition). It was quite a fun memory).

Yesterday I came across to this YouTube of Simon and Lea singing those songs after 30 year! Lea Salonga is 48 now I think she is now married with a teen daughter and to my disbelief that Simon Bowman is 60! I always think he must be around the same age as Lea.

So when I saw this recent clip I had to get online and google his age. I can’t believe he was already 31 when he played Kris on Miss Saigon.

I always love Simon Bowman. I remembered in one interview Lea mentioned that during the Miss Saigon time Simon actually went to her (as a vulnerable 18 year old on site not knowing what to do with kissing scene and stressed about it). Simon assured her and her mother that they can trust him because he would never take advantage of her. She was able to relax after that and the rest was history. Huge respect to such professionalism. And such a brilliant man.

Here is the video I accidentally discovered. Simon went to Lea’s city Manila for her concert as a guess in 2019.

You can clearly see they have such strong friendship and rapport. Absolutely Love this performance.

Brilliant voice never ages.