My Morning Routine

I have a very specific morning routine everyday. Unless I have students in the morning, otherwise this routine never changes.

  1. Get up at 8:30 am: Make my bed.

Making the bed in the morning is very important. It’s a good start of putting things in order. Oh, unlike the Aussies, I don’t take shower in the morning. I do it in the afternoon after exercise.

2. 9:00 am Brew black coffee. This year I have lost almost 10 kg after very strict diet. In order to maintain the weight, I am still doing the 168 fasting everyday. Depends on what time I had dinner last night, I would only eat breakfast 16 hours after previous food consumption.

Black coffee doesn’t break the fast so I will have black coffee (or sometimes green tea) before brunch (around 11 am).

3. Get my Ipad and go to GoodNotes5 app to plan for the day.

4. Reading for 30 mins : I am currently reading “Speak Leader, Champion” by Jeremy Donoven and Ryan Avery. Great book to read for preparing my Area Table Topic speech contest on 22/Oct.

5. 10:00 am Spanish learning for 30 mins .

I am learning Spanish with a teacher in Argentina weekly (this is probably my 3rd year) She normally assigns homework. I also have two apps that I use daily. Duolinguo and Quizlet. They are brilliant apps to help me remembering vocabs. My brain just doesn’t function that well anymore. When I was young learning English, Japanese and German, everything seems to go in a lot easier and faster.

Those days are long gone. Now only diligence and persistence helps.

6. 10:30-11:00 am

Writing blogs. I write both English and Chinese blogs. It actually didn’t take long for me to write them. Sometimes I want to document and share. All together it can be done within 30 mins.

7. 11:00-11:30 am Breakfast time!

Usually it’s the same too. A boil egg that I put in steam oven. 200 degrees for 11 minutes. A large Latte with organic milk. Greek yoghurt with muesli and blueberries and little honey (very little). Love my breakfast. I usually listen to ABC news or Coffee break Spanish podcast while having breakfast.

8. Check stock market on commsec

I always told the kids that as soon as you are out of University and start earning money, buy Australian ETF regularly from your 20s and never sell. You will be set for a very good start in life. The power of compound is much faster and bigger than you think.

You also don’t need to worry about the market high and low because the dividends will always accumulate as long as you buy it regularly. Of course if the market is low you can buy more. Just never sell.

Now from 11:30 am my work starts. My work is fun. I call it work but it doesn’t feel like working.

Oh and during the entire morning I only check social media or email once.

What is your morning routine? A good routine will begin your day right from the beginning.

Just like what Austin Kleon said in his book ‘ keep going’ -A routine establishes good habits that can lead you to your best work.