First step of preparing a student for her School Musical Audition-Pippin

Documentary of my first step of preparing kids for school musical leading roles. This is “Kind of Woman” from the musical Pippin.

Kind of woman from Pippin

I got asked by students a lot when school audition is approaching. The School normally will assign you the songs they want to hear you sing.

This video shows the first step that I do. Regardless I know the song well enough or not, my steps are always the same.

  1. Check youtube/spotify and hear the original broadway recording first
  2. Get the sheet music
  3. Understand the musical as a whole, the character and this particular song.
  4. Start to run through the song and write down all the important technical points required.
  5. The interesting part will start as soon as the student learns it by heart. There are so many things you can do in one song depending on the students strength and personality!