What to do in a lockdown holiday?

For the past 3 term 3 holidays I have always been in Dubai. Sep/Oct is a good time to Dubai. Always rented an apartment in Marina Bay, chilled and shopped in the morning and hang around with friends in Dubai. 

Those days seem so far away.

Last year the Covid situation wasn’t good either but at least we were allowed to get out. We could still go bushwalking and dine in the restaurants. 

Now this 2021 term 3 school holiday is the real lockdown holiday. What are you planning to do? 

I have listed the things first thing in the morning for these two weeks. 

1. Work out how to do CC subtitles for youtube and for any video productions. 

(I still the skills of learning video production is so important in modern days. If we don’t learn it now, but when? Once you got the skill, its yours)
2. Read 2 books

I bought 4 books from Amazon. Next Sunday is our Oct Bookclub meeting too. I never watch TV but I read a lot. You can get all these wisdom and experience from the books.

3. Planning on publishing courses on Skillshare.

I always want to try these online course platform. It’s time to give it a go. I was thinking about checking out all other videos first before I upload anything. But now I think action is more important than observation. What is there to lose? Lets do it and learn on the way. 

4. Tax return

It’s that time of the year. Have you done it yet? Everyone leaves it till the end of Oct. My poor accountant gets so busy at that time. Lets do it now. 

5. Learn new repertoires for term 4

Need to cope with the large demand of students repertoire. Always new trending songs coming up and always new musicals there to check out. This should be a fun task to do. There are a lot of kids are sitting for ANZCA singing exams in Nov too.

6. Attend Toastmaster Meetings around the world and compete in Table Topic Speech Contest

The world is not a lot closer. Just one button away I can attend the competition or meeting in anywhere in the world!

What about you? what would you like to do? share with me! As long as you are happy and healthy, everything you do is a bonus.