Hooking audience on video 

One big thing that I started to do this year is videography. 

I think it’s an very important skill to have. The more you can tell story the more successful you can do anything, either it’s communication, persuasion or entertainment. In business or In personal life, it’s extremely important. 

After 27 episodes on YouTube and endless short videos I made, I started to get the hang of it. You see things from a different angles and start to observe what grabs attention. 

Virginia Kerr has so many useful tips that I just love. Especially short videos or Instagram reels.

Say we are shooting a 15 seconds reel:

  1. Change the angle or themes every 2 seconds. 

It’s not as hard as you think. Say we are filing a product. You can film from different angle with the same voice over. It grabs the interest from the audience.

  1. Keep moving or use transition 

Again it’s the same philosophy. U can either move the fonts or move your body or hands. Talking without any movement is the quickest way to turn audience away . 

  1. Add music and adjust volume so your speaking shot has low volume quirky background music 

Again it’s adding energy 

  1. Don’t talk with so many words.

People swipe your videos away if all they see is you talking. Try to put more characters (u can act as different character) or involve other people. 

  1. Use fonts 

Use interesting fonts that summarize your points. 

In this day and age, people’s attention are limited. Learning all these is very useful. Highly recommend Virginia Kerr’s YouTube channel.