Shooting Youtube Video Efficiently

Even though I haven’t been making youtube video long enough, after 26 episodes I feel that I have learned a lot of things that I didn’t even realise it before. I love to document the journey. Just like everything in life, you will definitely get better. 

1. Have a plan 

If it’s a Vlog, I don’t have any scripts. But I do have an idea about where to go and what to do. Then just go with the flow. I like to vary the shots constantly. Sometimes wide shot, sometimes close shot and I love filming my friends because it makes the whole thing a lot more spontaneously. 

If it’s a teaching video, I will have simple script with keywords. Where are the B rolls. What are the speaking shots. With the simple plan the shoot process becomes so much easier. At first I don’t have any of these, everything takes so much more time when it comes to shooting day. Now I always make sure I have a plan. 

2. It’s best to have a shooting day and do two videos shooting one after another. 

So you only need to set up lightings once. Wear make up and get dress nicely on that day! You know how troublesome for women to do all that. Just do it once and use it all (Make sure you do get change for different videos so it looks visually more exciting)

3. Clap if you want to retake the video. So the filming doesn’t stop. 

When I first shoot speaking videos I tend to do so many takes. Now I learn just to let the camera rolls.Clap if you need to do the retake so when it comes to editing you know exactly where to cut. 

4.Remember “No one really cares about your stuff” at the beginning. Just do whatever you want to do.

My students and many young listeners contact me and ask about the ways to start something. They often said that they are very scared of judgements from others. I always tell them no one really cares about your videos or podcasts. You just continue doing it and make it better and better. When people find it useful and interesting they will come back to you. If you do it long enough and good enough, things will happen for you. I have no doubt on that. 

Keep you day job and do your hobbies after work.

You will be amazed how helpful it is to your life in all areas.