Just press record app (Voice-words)

I was searching for a tool that can do one tap recording, transcription and icloud syncing to all devices. I came across to this app, bought it for $7.5 and loving it. 

At first my purpose is to use it for youtube subtitle. I don’t like to type anything so I speak to the apps and it transcribes to words. Therefore i can drag and place to timeline on final pro. This app supports all languages as long as you set it up first. 

After a few attempt I feel that the dragging process takes too long. So I basically just speaks to final cut pro and do it from there. I don’t really need this app after all. I know people might say this function can be done easily from notes on iphone? But notes on iphone the microphone tends to stop constantly. This one is very flowing and easy to use. 

When I try to translate what I said in Chinese to English spontaneously, this app is working well. I put a headphone listening to my chinese on video and translate to english immediately and this app will transcribe it to words. 

I also like the fact that it syncs to my apple watch. I can speak to my watch and the words icloud sync to all the devices. Even though it’s not what I intend to use at the first place, I quite enjoy this app for $7.5!