Create your own Sanctuary tent at home 

During Sydney Lockdown I found myself working around my “tech space” a lot. I bought a giant screen and moved keyboard, drum, laptop, microphone all into my tech corner. 

Apart from teaching I do my recording, editing and even having zoom party with friends there. It’s bad for the eyes and the body is in stiff mode all day. 

One day I just thought of how about buying a tent and build a tech free Sanctuary space? Of course I can do this in anywhere in the house or do it outside in the garden. However having a Sanctuary tent is a total different story. 

This beach tent doesn’t cost me much. Just $50 from Amazon. Another $30 for the beach chair. I put it on the balcony so I can enjoy the view. 

The most important thing is that now this is the space that I will go and do my morning reading/journaling. No social media, No laptop. Sometimes when my brain is full of stuff I go there to feel the wind (without getting sunburn) and do stretches. 

Something in life that doesn’t cost much but fun. It makes my life more productive, 3C free and interesting. Why not?